Works in Progress

Jason is a writer and writers write. Among the works Jason continues to tinker with and tries to sell are:

  • Series of unusual dialogues involving diverse pairs of individuals
  • A one-act play about estranged friends who come together to spread their dead friend’s ashes
  • A one-act play about the end of the world, from God’s point of view
  • A novel about a man troubled by a recurring dream he can’t explain
  • A novel about Solomon and Makeda, the Queen of Sheba
  • Two children’s books, one about bullying and the other about a boy with ADHD
  • Various short stories about a range of topics, often about a person experiencing awkwardness in personal relationships
  • Various songs in various stages of completion
  • Various poems, most of which suck

Anyone interested in publishing – or in the case of the plays, producing or staging a reading of – any of these works, please contact Jason directly.

Jason is also a drummer and singer. His band, Nice Wicker, has recorded a cover of the Moody Blues’ “Nights in White Satin.”